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On this site you can learn all about mediumship and find some spiritual nourishment for your soul. There are hundreds of free extracts from Craig’s books and we are pleased to help answer your questions for free in the comments sections at the bottom of the articles. Craig is the author of 15 book and been a professional medium for 35 years and he is pleased to share his knowledge and expertise.

In addition there are instructions here about how to finding a good medium in your area and how to get free readings in Spiritualist Church. We can also help you to develop your own skills , how to find a circle to develop your skills as well as lots of in-depth articles and free book extracts about the spirit world and what it is like.

"You can't die for the life of you!"
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Readings By Phone

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Readings with Craig & Jane

Craig and Jane are professional mediums and when their busy schedules allow it they also have some availability to give medium readings by phone and in person at their home in Eastleigh UK. Phone readings with Craig are usually available within a few days. They are internationally famous and often give readings to celebrities and well known public figures. There is often a waiting list to see Craig and Jane in person. top

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Calling Professional Phone Mediums
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If you need a reading immediately you can call one of our selected phone readers. They have a number of skills including psychic reading, tarot reading, astrology interpretation and clairvoyance. You can ask the telephonist operator about the most suitable reader for your needs. top

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Clairvoyance or Mediumship?

Many people get confused about the difference between a psychic and a medium. A psychic can help you with your life issues and give you guidance about topics such as love problems, direction, destiny, work issues and so on. A medium’s job is to give proof of life after death. They use their spiritual abilities to connect with the spirit world and give you some verifiable proof that life continues after death. Traditionally a consultation with a medium is called a ‘sitting’ or a ‘telephone sitting’ but nowadays most people call this a ‘reading’.

Please treat your sitting as an experiment. It is not possible for ANY medium to promise to bring a specific person through or to  give specific evidence required by the sitter. Similarly a medium's aim is to try to provide evidence and proof that the personality survives death and not to predict the future.

Craig and Jane are primarily mediums – they ask the spirit world to give you proof of life eternal and some guidance about your life. They like to keep the two methods separate. So for example, when  you book you will be asked if you are looking for CLAIRVOYANCE (Psychic life guidance etc.) or MEDIUMSHIP (Proof of life after death).

The medium readings will nonetheless usually also include a little guidance from the spirit world. You will get information about the spirit communicator with evidence that you should be able to verify. You will get some comforting messages and usually a little guidance about your direction in life and what best to do.   top

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