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Choose a psychic medium from our list for a sympathetic and confidential reading by phone. You will get good advice and a clear message to guide your life and spirit. Take a look at the reader’s profiles to read their reviews and see what others have said about them and the great readings you get from this website. It’s very simple to book your readings and we feel sure you will enjoy talking to some of the most uplifting and accurate readers on the Internet.

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Clairvoyance or Mediumship? What is best?

Many people get confused about the difference between a psychic and a medium. A psychic can help you with your life issues and give you guidance about topics such as love problems, direction, destiny, work issues and so on. A medium’s job is to give proof of life after death. They use their spiritual abilities to connect with the spirit world and give you some verifiable proof that life continues after death. Traditionally a consultation with a medium is called a ‘sitting’ or a ‘telephone sitting’ but nowadays most people call this a ‘reading’.

Please treat your sitting as an experiment. It is not possible for ANY medium to promise to bring a specific person through or to  give specific evidence required by the sitter. Similarly a medium's aim is to try to provide evidence and proof that the personality survives death and not to predict the future. So for example, when  you book you may be asked if you are looking for CLAIRVOYANCE (Psychic life guidance etc.) or MEDIUMSHIP (Proof of life after death). The medium readings will usually also include a little guidance from the spirit world. You will get information about the spirit communicator with evidence that you should be able to verify. You will get some comforting messages and usually a little guidance about your direction in life and what best to do.  

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